Sheikh Ahmed Madobe:The penacea for Somalia

Published: June 17, 2012

Sheikh. Ahmed Islam known as (AHMED MADOBE) is the spritual leader of Raaskaamboni brigades which is seen as the most important local militia fighting against Alshabaab. Ahmed’s role as Raaskaamboni leader in restoring peace, security and stability is significant, as said by Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Nyaga, a Kenyan Defense Force commander in Afmadoow. “He is a key asset in the war against al-Shabaab as we seek to protect Kenya’s sovereignty and ensure that our citizens are not threatened by this terror organization,”

The Madoobe’s natural leadership style, his vision and perfectly security tactics and strategies, his ability to handle hostile situation, and his concept of bottom up approach in the local politics has sent positive signal to regional and international actors whom directly and indirectly engage with the campaign against Alshabaab in Somalia. Moreover, analysts in Gedo and Jubbaland affairs believe that Ahmed Madobe is the key figure t in solving Jubbaland problems, because Madobe enjoys the support of most Jubblalanders in and outside the country. In his interview with Daily Nation, Madobe declared that his Kaambooni brigades are a political party who made a tremendous progress in transforming his party from local militia to political party insisting that all what he wants is peaceful and stability.  While Ahmed and his brigades are in the front lines of the battle fields, his opponents such as Azania group are just living and sitting at the luxury hotels in Nairobi and elsewhere without real agenda and support.

A recently   conducted survey by independent Ngo in the librated area from Alshabaab such a Afmadoow, Dhooblay, Badhaadhe and other places puts kaamboonis as the most favoured and trusted group in the region, also the survey shows that locals share a view with Kaamboonis in creating a local administration/ semi-autonomous to avoid political vacuum which can promote a violent situation in the region. One of local people said, “Ahmed is the only leader who can bring different people in the Jubbaland and Gedo regions into table for negotiation and hence, agreeing on a durable peace”.

Political observers say that Kaamboonis military’s ability , its reputation among Somalis, and its understanding and willing to work closely and frankly with the TFG leaders and the backing Kenyan military are the factors behind popularity of the Kaamboonis. Observers are also convinced that Kaamboonis are a key strategy for driving al -shabaab from Kismaayo and that most likely Kaamboonis will be the potential new admistration of the Jubbland which ever form that administration takes.

All in all, Ahmed Madobe is the machine and inspiration of the Somalis and Kenyan soldiers as Kenyan soldier said when Sheikh Ahmed Madobe visited the KDF Camp, “You look at him and you get the feeling that you need to keep on fighting. He is such an inspiration.” Sheikh Ahmed is a trustworthy friend who deserves our support and encouragement.

Strong opinions must be backed up by solid evidence, otherwise the news organisation is no better than a café in an average Somali area where fadhi ku diriir is the basis of the future reconstruction of the nation.

Muscab Cabdullahi

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